Resistors to PCB

Hi guys

I am in doubt about the values for resistors in PCB. I have ordered my PCB from PCBway, but it come without the values for the components. For Example, in the FlyPi Manual, there is a picture showing that the resistors at position R5 should be 150 Ohm, but in the BOM there is no such value of resistor, but rather we have a resistor of 10 Ohm and another one Resistor(High power)11W 12Ohm, but I could not find were should I add them on PCB. Any Help?

maybe a list of resistors
R3=270 Ohm
R10= 1K Ohm
R2=270 Ohm
R3=270 Ohm
R5= ?? Ohm (on PCB from manual is listed as 150 Ohm, but is not such resistor listed in BoM)
R7=220 Ohm
R8=220 Ohm
R9=220 Ohm

So the question is:



  • Hi Marcelo,

    I suspect you have an older revision of our PCB. I think the best way to tell you which resistors go where, would be for you to send an image of the PCB you have. This way we can outline the location of each resistor. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Hi. Thank you for your reply. Please see the empty R in the PCB
  • Hi,
    So resistors R2 to R5 should be 270 ohm.
    Now on to correct the BOM.

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